Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Women

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1. Women Entrepreneurs Struggle with Securing Business Funding

I'm dying animated gif, invest in womenWomen controlled businesses and companies with women on the executive board receive only 7% of venture funding. Since women don’t get as much funding to keep their businesses going, they tend to use personal credit cards and high interest loans which can negatively impact their credit and affect their ability to secure better loans.

Getting more women to invest is a way to solve this problem. U.S. women exercise decision-making control over $11.2 trillion. That’s a whopping 39% of the nation’s estimated $28.6 trillion in assets that can be invested. And nearly half of that amount—$5.1 trillion—is managed solely by women. That’s a huge amount that women can use to invest in other women.

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2. Supporting Women Improves the Bottom Line

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Companies with women in high leadership positions experience stronger profits according to a recent study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics. But not only do women help improve the bottom line of businesses, women also improve firms’ social performance and social responsibility. The improvements women bring to companies could be attributed to the differences in terms of perspective, education and style of conduct.

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3. Companies With a Female Founder Outperform Companies With All-Male Founders

Yes, animated gif. Invest in WomenAccording to research by First Round Capital, the values of businesses with at least one female founder performed 63% better than companies with all-male founders.  Businesses with women in executive positions did better in challenging markets than those with all-male executive boards. Not only did companies led by women bring in more revenue than all male-owned companies, they were also shown to have a higher likelihood of overall success.

We need to encourage and reach out to the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to make a lasting impact and improve future opportunities for women. Programs such as KIVA ZIP allow Southwest Florida female entrepreneurs to secure business funding and support, while removing the risk of high-interest rates and payment terms.  Are you interested in learning more? Check out THIS page for more information

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