Meet Suzi and Nick! How Matched Savings for Education Works for SWFL Families

Investment in educational attainment for women is a key workforce development strategy at the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida. We believe in a two-generation approach to improving the lives of women and girls in the Southwest Florida region. Two-generation approaches focus on creating opportunities for and addressing needs of children and their parents together.

Why a Two-Generation Approach?

One of our key initiatives, The Matched Savings for Education Program is a great example.This initiative offers ‘hard working, but falling short’ families the opportunity to save for education, participate in money management classes and receive individualized coaching. Matched Savings for Education participants save $500 and receive our match of $4,000 to use towards their education once they meet the program requirements. Successful savers and their families will benefit from higher wages through training and education, and if they have children, they benefit from a higher quality of childhood. Suzi and Nick are a great illustration of this approach.

Meet Suzi and Nick!

Suzi Loughren is a teacher and one of our Matched Savings for Education participants. She and Nick both completed our required money management course. Then Suzi opened her Matched Savings for Education account at Florida Community Bank where she met her $500 savings goal on March 14th, 2017. Those savings were matched with $4,000 by the Women’s Foundation, providing a total of $4,500 to help finance Nick’s education.

Nick’s biggest motivation to earn his college degree is to inspire and provide financial security for his family. He preaches the importance of education to his children and believes in leading by example. Nick has been working as a high school Head Baseball coach and will be pursuing a job as a medical scribe this summer. He is also obtaining shadow hours among various medical specialties.

His future goals include gaining acceptance into the Nova Southeastern Fort Myers Physician Assistant Program to complete his Master’s Degree as a Physician Assistant, followed by acceptance into the United States Navy as a Medical Officer; where he plans to proudly serve our great country as a Physician Assistant.

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Note:  Our Matched Saving for Education Program is funded by federal grants, local philanthropists, bank community investments, corporate partners and United Way affiliates.

Two Generation Approach images and definitions are provided by Ascend at The Aspen Institute.


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