Southwest Florida Women- Listen Up!

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It’s no secret that the cost of college is higher than ever before in the U.S. (and that it continues to rise every year). However, as technology advances so does our need to acquire an education and develop new skills.

Getting an education is more important than ever!

According to recent College Board statistics the average tuition cost for undergrad students enrolled in 4-year public institutions is:

  • $9,410 for students with in-State tuition.
  • $23,893 for out of state students
  • $32,205 for private non-profit institutions

These figures do not account for the cost of textbooks, housing, and living expenses. It is for this reason that we decided to put our Matched Savings for Education program in action. To help hard-working Southwest Florida women get the education they deserve!

Florida ranks in the bottom third nationally among women 25 years and older holding at least a bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, we know that education is the key to higher paying jobs and financial security for women and their families” – Nancy Merolla, Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida Board Chair

How It Works. For example:

  1.  Deposit $45-$85/month for 6-12 months to reach $500 savings goal
  2.  Earn $8 for every $1 saved. $500 becomes $4,500!
  3. Own a $4,500 FDIC-Insured Bank Savings Account
  4. Attend college!


Qualifying Clients:

  • Women
  • Low-income Household (below 200% current Federal Poverty Level)
  • Referred by B.E.S.T. Partners

Are you interested in applying for this program? Click HERE to be redirected to our intake partners at United Way of Collier County. A B.E.S.T. partner will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you.



Thank You to Our Partners for making this initiative possible!

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