Marianela is Determined to Deliver Medical Care to Those in Need. Matched Savings for Education is Helping Her Achieve that Goal.

Naples Resident, and single mother of five, Marianela has a goal, to become a Physician to deliver care to underserved populations.

According to Marianela,

“Working full time, going to school and taking care of a family of five can cause financial stress. The help from the Matched Savings for Education  program takes some of the financial burden off my shoulders, especially during summer when some grants are not available.”

Marianela is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science. Her biggest challenge as a student is to remain focused on school while working full time and being a single mother of five. But her goal to deliver compassionate, non-profit driven medical care to those in need motivates her to keep going.

Marianela enjoyed participating in the Matched Savings for Education Program because:

It was nice to work towards my savings goal with people who underestood my struggles and who encouraged me to reach my  goal.  I was surprised that I enjoyed the financial literacy course requirement of the program. I  wish I had taken  a financial literacy course earlier in life.”

Impact Summary of the Matched Savings for Education Program


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