Charlotte Newell

Programs Coordinator

“The solutions created at the Women’s Foundation are effective and creative, and are implemented with persistence and consideration. It is a joy to both help our programs come to life and grow on a daily basis, and see firsthand they positive impact they have on women throughout the region.”

Charlotte graduated from Yale University in May of 2016 with a B.A. in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Security. During her studies, she collaborated with the Small Arms Survey to do research and gather data on the illicit arms trade in Central America. This project sparked her interest in illicit markets and was a clear segue into the Women’s Foundation’s human trafficking data project.

Charlotte knows that data plays an integral role in the fight against human trafficking – she continues to assert that we can’t effectively fight something we don’t fully understand and that this is a fight worth fighting. As Charlotte’s role has grown to encompass other programs within the Women’s Foundation, she finds herself increasingly grateful that she has been provided the opportunity to work with the Women’s Foundation, where she knows her work has a significant impact.

When not working to take down human trafficking, Charlotte loves to travel. Some of her favorite countries she has visited include Peru, Uganda, and Ireland. When asked where she wants to go next, she always says “everywhere.” When she is in Southwest Florida, Charlotte dances at Tir Na Nog Academy of Irish Dance and volunteers at Naples Equestrian Challenge and with Special Olympics. She also manages to squeeze in some time to play with power tools and build massive bookshelves for her equally massive collection of books.