Human trafficking is the darkest, most brutal, and hidden crime taking place in Southwest Florida. Most are lulled by the myth that human trafficking happens only in faraway places.Sex and labor trafficking are flourishing nearby.

The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida focuses on three areas of support in the fight against human trafficking:

Supporting SWFL Human Trafficking Task Force


The SWFL Human Trafficking Task Force is co-convened by the Federal and State Attorney’s Offices to coordinate law, order and victim support agencies. The agencies work together to combat human trafficking as a united front. The Women’s Foundation supports the Task Force and its member agencies through public awareness campaigns, a website developed for the Task Force, and the data project.

Gathering reliable data


Photo Courtesy of the the Polaris Project

The data project is designed to increase understanding of the scope and nature of human trafficking. Across the nation, there is a lack of reliable statistics about human trafficking. By gathering data to build a comprehensive profile of victims who have been served, members of the task force will be able to
target their programs to have the most impact and help as many victims as possible.

Building impactful movements and taking action


Education and awareness are only as good as the actions they inspire. We support awareness campaigns, such as StopSexTraffickingSWFL, as well as leadership training for university students and the general public throughout the community. The movements we support create lasting change through new or improved public policy.

Stop the Sale of Children for Sex and Other Forms of Human Trafficking

Become a Voice for Change

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