How to Get Clear on the Business You Want to Start - B3 for Women

Today we’re going to answer the question “How do you get clear on the business you want to start?”

There are 3 strategies you can use to clarify your business ideas.

1. Know Your Why.
Why do you want a business? Give yourself four minutes and write down the answer to this question: Why do I want a business now? Stop listening to everybody else’s voices and listen to your heart and feelings because: “Emotion is what puts us into motion.”

2. Find the Problems You Like to Solve.
Think about it this way; a business is just a tool to solve people’s problems. Take four minutes to quickly write out the problems that you would like to solve. Don’t think about grammar, or about the problems that you know how to solve as too small or basic. We will explore these further in the next step.

3. Follow Your Excitement.
Look at the list of problems in the above step and pick three that you’re curious about and make you excited. If you’re not excited and not energized by solving those problems, then you’re not going to follow through. This problem will provide you with a list of problems you can solve to start your business. Take a look at these problems and ask yourself

What kind of business can I create that solves these problems and fulfills my “Why”?

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