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How can I start a business when there’s so much competition?

How can i start a business when there's so much competition?


Have you been thinking about starting a business, but maybe you’re saying to yourself?

“There’s too much competition out there, I don’t know how I would measure up.”

Business Coach, Darcy Eikenberg will dispel the three most common myths stopping hopeful entrepreneurs from bringing their ideas to life.

  1. I shouldn’t start a business if there’s already competition – Competition is evidence that there are customers and clients for your business. For the work you want to do and the way, you want to serve. Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to be totally unique. Because that couldn’t be further from the truth
  2. I need to worry about my competition every single day or I need to do everything better than they do. Worry, fear and stress are not productive emotions. When you worry about your competition you’re not focused on what you can control which is YOU! And your decisions. Replace your worry with curiosity. Talk and engage with your competition, try to learn from their experience. You might have a revelation about the direction in which you want to take your business!
  3. Other people are my competition –Are the thoughts in your head getting in the way of you trying something new? Often, your biggest competition is YOU. Self-doubt and fear of reaching out and making an offer, or pricing your products and services in a way that reflects the true value of the problem is a bigger obstacle than your perceived competition. We can be the biggest roadblock to moving our business forward. To truly build a successful business, we must start believing in ourselves

How about you? How do you get past all the myths that are out there about competition? Let us know in the comments below


The Three Things That Get In The Way Of Starting, Growing and Succeeding In Business

the three things that get in the way of starting, growing and succeeding in business


Today we’ll discuss the three things that get in the way of starting, growing, and succeding, in business. Those three things are fear, worry, and stress. Below are some tips on how to manage these emotions.

  1. Know where the fear, worry, and stress are coming from
    That voice in your brain that manages your fears and anxieties is part of the ancient, evolutionary, defense mechanism. Your bran is simply trying to protect you and keep you comfortable. Don’t let the prehistoric part of your brain take control over you. Make sure that you are the one making informed decisions about your life
  2. Do your homework and get the facts
    So many times we get worried and afraid because we’re skipping ahead. Because we’re guessing “Well if I can’t get a customer then I’m never going to make money. If I don’t make money, then I can’t pay the rent. If I can’t pay the rent then I’m gonna be living in a box under a bridge”. We swirl ahead, but if we employ a strategy where we do the homework we can break that cycle. Don’t get blocked because you think you know the facts. Get the facts!
    Does your fear revolve around not having money to start a business?  Many people often talk themselves out of good ideas, good business ventures, and even good career choices because they’re guessing about their money.  Make a budget, write down on paper what it costs you to live, how much do you make, how much are your bills, how much do you have saved?  Write it down to have it in front of you so you can get the facts about your money.

3. Turn your fear into excitement (turn your fear into something positive instead of focusing on the negative)
When you feel the fear overwhelming you before an event, before a phone call, etc., take a deep breath and focus on the positive in the current situation to turn your fear into excitement. If you’re excited about what you do, that will help get over the stress and worry and your fear will turn into confidence. People can feel that!

Remember that every time you start something new or do something that is out of your normal everyday routine, you are going to experience some level of fear, worry, and stress. That is the ancient part of your brain trying to keep you safe to continue doing the things that you’re already comfortable doing.

#GivingTuesday Giving Tuesday

5 Ways You Can Support SWFL Women and Girls on #GivingTuesday

5 Ways You Can Support SWFL Women and Girls on #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a global movement that unites people and countries by celebrating our capacity to give back to our communities. Here are four ways you can Elevate Southwest Florida women and girls on this joyful day of giving!

1. Empower Her to Learn

Why didn’t Arthrex expand in Southwest Florida? Two words: trained workforce. Instead, Arthrex will make South Carolina the home of a new facility employing 1,000 people. We simply don’t have the skilled people available to fill the jobs. And that is why investing in education must become a key workforce development and retention strategy for Florida. The Woman’s Foundation of Southwest Florida’s Earn to Learn FL hopes to address this gap by helping low-to-moderate income students earn a higher education with little to no student debt. This year your donations helped over 42 students, like Yuzellie, save for their education by matching their savings of $500 at an 8:1 ratio. This means we made a grant of $4,000 for each student to leverage their $500 investment in themselves.


Yuzellie, Earn to Learn Participant

2. Empower Her to Control Her Finances

Earn to Learn program participants receive much more than funds. They receive access to Financial Literacy training to ensure they’re armed with the knowledge they need to thrive and improve their economic mobility.

3. Empower Her to Lead

The Women’s Foundation created a free online, self-paced video course for female entrepreneurs just getting their business started: Business Building Blocks (B3) for Women. This resource guides female entrepreneurs through the intimidating and sometimes confusing process of building a successful business. B3 prepares women to apply for our Kiva US Microloans of up to $10,000 with 0% interest and up to 36 months to repay. In 2017, we endorsed and helped fund seven female entrepreneurs who received over $29,000 in loans that will grow their businesses.

4. Elevate Her!

This year we granted over $60,000 to four deserving agencies serving women and girls in Southwest Florida: Grace Place for Children and Families, New Horizons, Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, and Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. These funds will be used to support family literacy, at-risk middle school girls, and affordable housing for single mothers and their children in our community.

5. Give a Smile

Did you know your Holiday shopping can support a good cause? AmazonSmile makes giving easier than ever! When you start your shopping at, you get the same prices as the regular, but Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchases to the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida!

All you need to do is:
Go to instead of, enter “Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida” as the nonprofit organization you’d like to support, and shop as you normally would! We’ll get a check at the end of the quarter that includes the contribution from your purchase.

Need help making a donation or planning a special gift? please contact Brenda Tate at


Why NOW is the Time For You to Start Your Business in Southwest Florida -or Anywhere!

Why NOW is the Time For You to Start Your Business in Southwest Florida -or Anywhere!

Have you ever wondered if this is the time to start your own business?

Why Now? There are three great reasons why now is the best time to start a business.

  1.  Our Community Needs You! There are many women-owned businesses in Florida, but they don’t make-up enough of our economy.  What if you are somebody that can help influence the business landscape and what is going on in SWFL? You could help create jobs, solve problems, and give your family and friends more support and resources.

2. Access to Learning, Connections, Support and Even Funds is Better Than Ever.  We’re building resources to help you launch and grow your business and providing live coaching you can access for free during our weekly live sessions. Business can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone! We’re here to walk beside you every step of the way.

3. The World Needs YOU!-  You have a gift; something that you do, bring, serve or make that is uniquely yours. Your skills, knowledge, and uniqueness can help solve problems in your area. Don’t be discouraged by your competition or think there’s no space for you to thrive. The fact there is competition means there is a market for your services. Everything that you have is an asset, and the idea of building a business is to create a company that magnifies your assets.So as you’re thinking about whether you’re ready to start a business, think about these three things. We need you to have a voice, to find customers, create jobs and to make a difference in our economy. You have the tools available at your disposal to make your vision a reality. Remember the world needs you and what you have to offer!

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How to Get Clear on the Business You Want to Start – B3 for Women

How to Get Clear on the Business You Want to Start - B3 for Women

Today we’re going to answer the question “How do you get clear on the business you want to start?”

There are 3 strategies you can use to clarify your business ideas.

1. Know Your Why.
Why do you want a business? Give yourself four minutes and write down the answer to this question: Why do I want a business now? Stop listening to everybody else’s voices and listen to your heart and feelings because: “Emotion is what puts us into motion.”

2. Find the Problems You Like to Solve.
Think about it this way; a business is just a tool to solve people’s problems. Take four minutes to quickly write out the problems that you would like to solve. Don’t think about grammar, or about the problems that you know how to solve as too small or basic. We will explore these further in the next step.

3. Follow Your Excitement.
Look at the list of problems in the above step and pick three that you’re curious about and make you excited. If you’re not excited and not energized by solving those problems, then you’re not going to follow through. This problem will provide you with a list of problems you can solve to start your business. Take a look at these problems and ask yourself

What kind of business can I create that solves these problems and fulfills my “Why”?

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