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Eileen Fisher Inc. Teams up with The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida to Raise Funds and Awareness for Women’s Causes

Eileen Fisher Inc. Teams up with The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida to Raise Funds and Awareness for Women’s Causes

Eileen Fisher, the upscale women’s apparel store with Southwest Florida locations in Naples and Sanibel, donated $2,452 to support the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida after holding an event to raise awareness about women’s issues on Saturday, September 12th.  During the event, shoppers received information about the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, learned about local women’s issues and explored ways to get involved.

“We are inspired by EILEEN FISHER,” says Brenda Tate, Founder and President of the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida.  “The corporate mission of supporting women through social initiatives that address their wellbeing is absolutely in sync with the mission of the Women’s Foundation.”

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Eileen Fisher annually awards grants to grass-roots organizations that share its goals of activating leadership in women and girls. The store also hosts special events where a percentage of proceeds are donated to local nonprofit organizations chosen by local employees. The grant will support signature initiatives of The Women’s Foundation, which include: Stop Sex Trafficking SWFL, Spark SWFL, and Kiva Zip Microloan programs.


The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida Goes to the White House.

the women's foundation of southwest florida goes to the white house

We are excited to announce our President Brenda Tate, took the stage this morning along with partners from 28 U.S women Foundations at the Advancing Equality for Women and Girls of Color Summit at The White House to unveil Prosperity Together.

Prosperity Together is a $100 Million, five-year initiative to create pathways to economic security for low-income women and their families in America. The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida will invest at least $500,000 in local women and girls. The partnership will fund programs with a proven track record in providing women with job training, financial empowerment services, and child care, along with other support.

Prosperity together is about trusting women, changing the narrative and showing the importance of investing in women.

Why #ProsperityTogether?

  • In 2014 Nearly 14% of single women with children who worked full time lived in poverty.
  • There are 12 million US single-parent families; 80% of which are headed by women and are likely to fall below the poverty line.
  • Only 9% of philanthropic dollars in the U.S. are being directed to women & girls.
  • In Florida, 32.2% of jobs are low-wage. Women often dominate the low-wage workforce.
  • In Southwest Florida, 85% of women earn less than $50,000 per year.
  • Women of color have higher rates of poverty and inequality than their Caucasian counterparts. We must close the gap.
  • Women & girls of color experience violence that is institutional, individual & interpersonal.
  • Women of color are often criminalized for having been physically and sexually abused.
  • When it comes to sexual abuse Women of all races are targeted, but some are more vulnerable than others: 33.5% of multiracial women have been raped, as have 27% of American Indian and Alaska Native women, compared to 15% of Hispanic, 22% of Black, and 19% of White women.

Here’s what we learned from the summit:

  • Women & girls do not lack solutions; they lack resources. Early investments can close the gap and accelerate change.
  • We must create environments where all women can raise their families in abundance, not scarcity, with hope, not despair.
  • People want to be a part of the solution, but they have to be able to understand the problem. We must educate the public about the needs of women and girls to make strides towards equality.
  • It is critically important to talk about humanities and the social sciences to advance research on women and girls.
  • Women need safe places to address the concerns that they have.
  • Access to high-quality child care allows women to work and kids to get a good start in life.

We’re making sure the federal government is paying attention to women and girls, but it takes a community to effect change. We invite government officials, philanthropic and business leaders & everyone watching to join us. #ProsperityTogether #YesSheCan

If you want to help local girls and women achieve #ProsperityTogether, please consider donating below.


How is the Pornography Industry Impacting Child Development?

How is the Pornography Industry Impacting Child Development?

“We really need to be focused on the multi-billion-dollar internet pornography industry and the impact that industry has on child development.”

This statement was given by Brenda Tate, The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida President regarding Playboy’s announcement to eliminate nudity from its magazines in 2016.
This announcement opens up conversations concerning the impact Pornography has, especially when it comes to children.

“My eyes were opened recently as a grandmother,” said Tate. Parents need to be aware that the pornography from their day is not what their children are exposed to today.”

Some would say that children today are born attached to the internet as opposed to umbilical cords. While this is perhaps an exaggeration, it is a fact that children today have higher access to technology and more availability of online pornography.

Researchers report that children who have high exposure to pornography tend to hold attitudes and engage in behaviors consistent with recurrent themes in pornography. This can have effects on children well into their adult years. It is important for parents, teachers, and communities to understand what today’s pornography is all about and to engage in discussion to find possible solutions.

Take a look at the video below to see what women in our community had to say about the changes in Playboy Magazine. Do you feel that this is an issue of concern?

Click Here to See the Video

Paul J. Wright, (2014) Pornography and the Sexual Socialization of Children: Current Knowledge and a Theoretical Future. Journal of Children and Media 8:3, pages 305-312


Human Trafficking Symposium set for Jan. 14 at FGCU

Human Trafficking Symposium set for Jan. 14 at FGCU

The Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida and the Regional Resource Center on Human Trafficking present the first annual Human Trafficking Symposium on Thursday, Jan. 14 from 8:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Cohen Ballroom at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Community leaders and professionals in law enforcement, social services, health care, education and community organizations are encouraged to attend the inaugural symposium by registering at!symposium/cqki. The event is $25 per person and students are admitted at no charge.

The keynote speaker is Bradley Myles, currently serving as the Polaris Project/National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s Executive Director and CEO. He has been working on combating the issue of human trafficking since 2002, and he is regarded as one of the leading advocates in the anti-trafficking arena. Mr. Myles plays an instrumental role in building Polaris Project’s national programs focused on systemic change in the areas of human trafficking policy advocacy, training, and capacity-building.

“The Human Trafficking Symposium is more than just a conference,” said Brenda Tate, president of the Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida. “It’s a movement to inform, motivate and energize our regional leaders behind concrete action to address human trafficking.”

According to statistics from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHRTC), one in three runaways is exploited for sex trafficking or pornography. NHRTC data indicates that 84 percent of human trafficking inquiries from Southwest Florida concern women and children, and 66 percent of human trafficking inquiries to NHTRC from Southwest Florida concern sex trafficking. If you suspect human trafficking or you are a victim in need of, call 1-888-373-7888 for information or help or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233722).


PopUp Raises $5,800 for Women Build


BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. Apr. 7, 2015 – Fans of the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida and Habitat for Humanity attending the April 4 spring training game at Hammond Stadium. The supporters raised $2,900 that was matched by the Women’s Foundation for a total PopUp™ Grant of $5,800.
“We were thrilled by the turnout and support that came inform generous donors to support Women Build. Our sponsors like Lee County Parks & Recreation and GCG Construction are essential for building awareness and maximizing the impact of PopUp™ events to benefit women and girls,” said Brenda Tate, president of The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida. “PopUps™ are a great platform for philanthropy that engages the community in a really fun way.”

“Poverty housing is a severe threat to children’s health, growth and potential. Women Build galvanizes women to give a hand up to other women, by raising funds and then working to rehab existing homes. Volunteers learn new skills while enjoying the camaraderie of friends and new acquaintances. The $5,800 PopUp™ Grant will help provide homes for two families to build brighter futures,” said Habitat for Humanity President Kitty Green.

About PopUps™
PopUps™, which stands for Philanthropy on Purpose Uniting People Spontaneously™, are fundraising events that are open to the public and hosted at a variety of Southwest Florida venues such as restaurants, businesses, and area attractions. PopUps™ raise funds for nonprofit organizations that directly benefit women and girls. PopUp™ grants and PopUp™ events supported by a group of young community leaders dedicated to furthering the mission of the Women’s Foundation and expanding the organization’s impact through more frequent grant-making in the community. PopUps™ will follow the Women’s Foundation’s proactive grant making approach of identifying organizations or programs reflecting the Women’s Foundation’s mission in Southwest Florida. PopUp™ crowd-funding parties can take place anytime and anywhere.