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2015 Report to Investors

We hope you enjoy the following report of your collective and individual impact on Southwest Florida in support of women and girls. Looking into 2016, you will see additional engagement and strategic growth to build on a solid foundation of success powered by YOU – our investors. We are more committed than ever to being the foundation of support for women and girls in Southwest Florida, the only independent Southwest Florida nonprofit exclusively focused on women and girls.

Respectfully submitted by YOUR Board of Directors and Executive Director,

Nancy Merolla, Chair; Helen Athan, Chair Elect; Connie Shipley, Secretary; Lisa Simington, Treasurer Amanda Cross, Director; Lou Pontius, Director, Lalai Hamric, Vice Chair; Brenda Tate, President

Click HERE to download a pdf version of this report 

Nancy Merolla

Nancy Merolla

Board Chair, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Planned Giving Council
Brenda Tate

Brenda Tate

Founder, Executive Committee Member, Planned Giving Team Member
Lisa Simington

Lisa Simington

Treasurer, Nominating Committee Chair, Finance Committee Chair, Planned Giving Council

stop sex trafficking

The Southwest Florida Human Trafficking Symposium was presented by the Women’s Foundation on the Florida Gulf Coast University campus in January 2015. More than 250 local concerned citizens, community leaders and professionals in law enforcement, social services, health care and education attended the first annual Human Trafficking Symposium. The event brought together local, regional and national human trafficking experts to share strategies about how to best identify and address the needs of human trafficking victims, as well as how the legal system is working to better identify and prosecute the perpetrators.
In late 2015, the Women’s Foundation made a strategic decision to engage directly with the SWFL Human Trafficking Task Force (HTTF) to achieve advancements on several strategic goals for the region. The engagement includes:

  • Developing HTTF website as internet tool to support HTTF agencies, public awareness and victim resource guidance
  •  Developing human trafficking data management system for collection/analysis
  • Activating Human Trafficking Advisory Council (community leaders) to focus on sustainability, policy advocacy and research in support of HTTF efforts

Click here to learn more.

Kiva Zip

Kiva alpha

The Women’s Foundation partners with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), local banks and other business development resource partners. These are partners with pre-existing relationships with female entrepreneurs in need of loan capital to start or grow a small business.We have a goal of making 30 new $5,000 Kiva Zip 0%-interest micro-loans to female entrepreneurs in 2016 for new and existing business development. Kiva Zip is a program that uses mobile and electronic payment technology to crowd-fund direct, zero-percent interest loans to financially excluded, yet socially impactful entrepreneurs. Anyone with an Internet connection lends as little as $5 to an endorsed borrower. Click here to learn more. 

Stop the violenceFuture’s Fund 

The Futures Fund will support efforts that help reduce violent crime in our region as well as promote opportunities for job training and placement, education and scholarships. The Futures Fund will support agencies that assist victims of violent crimes such as domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, murder, stalking, human trafficking, kidnapping, aggravated battery, strangulation, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson and other violent crimes.The benefits of an investment today to move victimized women toward recovery, and deter more violent crimes against women, far outweigh the cost of ignoring the tragedies. For example, intimate partner violence causes U.S. women to lose about $727 million in wages from their approximately 8 million days of missed work. The costs of intimate partner violence against women exceed an estimated $5.8 billion. These costs include nearly $4.1 billion in the direct costs of medical care and mental health care and nearly $1.8 billion in the indirect costs of lost productivity and present value of ifetime earnings. Click here to learn more. 

Prosperity Together

11988745_1058250790873348_2279155186980418505_nProsperity Together partners, including the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, announced a $100million funding commitment by women’s foundations to promote economic security for low-income women.The announcement was made on November 13, 2015 in Washington, D.C. at the White House’s Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color Summit that highlighted the barriers and solutions to economic security confronting millions of low-income women

living in America. Prosperity Together partners, including the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, are members of the Women’s Funding Network, the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls. For more than 30 years, women’s foundations have invested in local solutions for low-income women and their families, community by community. The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida serves Southwest Florida with current initiatives focused on child sex trafficking, female entrepreneurship and philanthropic leadership development. Prosperity Together will harness the collective power, leadership and proven effectiveness of women’s foundations working together to ensure women’s economic security in America. The partnership will also issue a call to policymakers, business leaders, the philanthropic community and the public to understand that economic prosperity for all is guaranteed only when economic security and equal opportunity are guaranteed for low-income women.  Click here to learn more. 

Florida Women’s Funding Alliance

A9Rrs86ep_bv46ur_6tkThe Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida helped found Florida Women’s Funding Alliance, an affinity group of Florida Philanthropic Network. The Florida Women’s Funding Alliance was founded to transform the lives of Florida’s women and girls through its’ collective voices and resources. Founding members of the Alliance are the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, Community Foundation of Collier County, Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, Community Foundation Ocala Marion County, Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches, Lovelight Foundation, Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County and Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. The Alliance will convene, connect, educate, leverage and elevate Florida’s women’s funders in order to elevate and empower leadership, expertise and investments in women’s issues. Alliance participants include, but are not limited to, individuals, corporations, funds, donor advised funds, and foundations with an interest in supporting women and girls in Florida.

“We are excited to collectively pool resources – time, talent and treasure – to maximize our capacity to research and address significant issues that impact women and girls in Florida,” said Brenda Tate, President of the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida. “We welcome all funders of women’s issues to join us in our work to realize this vision.” Click here to learn more. 



Philanthropy On Purpose Uniting People Spontaneously


PopUpSWFL, formerly known as SparkSWFL, emerged from 2015 with an extraordinary group of Founders, Sponsors and Underwriters. PopUpSWFL is an initiative to

  • provide a platform to develop philanthropic leadership skills
  •  make investments in SWFL nonprofits serving women and girls
  •  research, identify, and select grantee partners
  •  learn about issues impacting women and girlscreate impact and effect change for women and girls
  • create impact and effect change for women and girls

PopUpSWFL donors and underwriters will facilitate the 2016 cycle of PopUpSWFL grants to nonprofits serving Southwest Florida women and girls, organize events to promote PopUpSWFL and design leadership development opportunities for PopUpSWFL donors. To learn more click here. 

Disclaimer: WFSWFL is not affiliated with Spark and Spark is not a sponsor of the SparkSWFL event.

Thank you to our 2015 Individual Donors

  • Dayhanna Acosta
  • Nancy JP Anderson
  • Ed Aristizabal
  • Theresa Ayers
  • Heather Bassano
  • Christine Behm
  • Ava Bickel
  • Holly Boldrin
  • Nicole Buckmaster
  • Ann Carrasquillo
  • Marcia Carthaus
  • Lynda Christensen
  • Merry Coffman
  • Sheri Coleman
  • Lindsay Corbin
  • Amanda Cross
  • Jane E. de Lisser
  • Lorena Denny
  • Karri Dosmann
  • Susan Eisenberg
  • Sally Fisher
  • Sandra Frank
  • Steve Gaithwait
  • Jennifer Garthwaite
  • Dena Geraghty
  • Sharon Green
  • Brandi Hammond
  • Teri Hansen
  • Joan Harper
  • Catherine Haworth
  • Kerry Hollowell
  • Lori Rae Hornick
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Judy Jorgensen
  • William Keyes
  • Emily Kletzien
  • Minette La Croix
  • Karen Lang
  • Darla Letourneau
  • Ann Luedke
  • Margarent Mahland
  • Barbara Martin
  • Ruth Ann McLaughlin
  • Nancy Merolla
  • Jeannie Mong
  • John J. and Barbara L. Morgan
  • Shannon Morris
  • Colleen Murphy
  • Steve Nicks
  • Olivia Orth
  • Shelley Perry
  • Sandra Priest
  • Sherry A. Radigan-Davis
  • Patricia Ramthun
  • John Resnick
  • Jaime Ryan
  • Lowell Senitz
  • Lisa Simington
  • Natasha Smith
  • Pinelope Speh
  • Patricia Stiles
  • James Thomas
  • Joel Tragesser
  • Martha Valiant
  • Janet Watermeier
  • Maria Winkler
  • Elaine Zimmer
  • Howard Agranat
  • Jeanette Anderson
  • Jeannette Artini
  • Peggy Baker
  • Lori Bassano
  • Judi Behrens
  • Naomi Lee Bloom
  • Melissa Borchers
  • Mary Burke
  • Steven Carta
  • Barbara Casey
  • Lydia A Christie
  • Melissa Cofta
  • Carl Coleman
  • Ted Corbin
  • Julie F Cummings
  • JoAnn DeFrain
  • Megan DiPiero
  • Graham & Betty Dunbar
  • Michelle English
  • Tommye Fleming
  • Lisa Freund
  • Michele Garlough
  • Stephen Garthwaite
  • Elliot Golden
  • Lola Green-Burling
  • Lalai Hamric
  • Michael and Patsy Hanson
  • Brenda Harrity
  • Myrtle Hearn
  • Patricia Hopkins Beatrice Jacques
  • Mattie Johnson
  • Judith Kargher
  • Lori Kleiman
  • Susan Knust
  • Carol Lafontaine
  • Nicole Laquis Stevens
  • Donna Loomis
  • Jennifer MacLean
  • Anita E Makar
  • Megan Martin
  • Taylor McLaughlin
  • Robin Minch
  • Mary Moore
  • Sandra Moriarty
  • Rhonda Mullis
  • Patrick Neale
  • Regina Noch
  • Susan Owens
  • Olga Placeres
  • Sharon Pyes
  • Paul Ramsey
  • Kelly Reese
  • Joan and Robert Rudolph
  • Alexandra Schotanus
  • Kim Sharan
  • SueZahn Simmons
  • Alfonsina Solomon
  • Sharon Springer
  • Sara Storey
  • Dave and Noreen Thomas
  • Melodie Turish
  • Mathew Visaggio
  • Joshua White
  • Marilyn & Ed Winter-Tamkin
  • Nancy Anderson
  • Barbara Antonietti
  • Patou Artist
  • Veronica Barber
  • Bob and Brooke Battle
  • Catherine Berry
  • Bonnie Bodin
  • Sharon Brunett
  • Preston Came
  • Krista Cartee
  • Julie Cashman
  • Kanema Clark
  • Nancy & Howard Cohen
  • Christin Collins
  • Kelly Corea
  • Katherine Cunningham
  • Alyssa Delora
  • Patou Dorme
  • Darcy Eikenberg
  • Connie Farmer
  • Linda Flores
  • Lorraine Frey
  • Richard Garner
  • Kathy Georgeson
  • Katherine Green
  • Joan Gross
  • Joan Hansen
  • Suzan Harden
  • Karen Hawes
  • Sandra Hemstead
  • Robert and Dian Hornick
  • Beatrice Jacquet
  • Craig Jones
  • Robert Keane
  • Cathy Kleinknecht
  • Grant and Christine Kurtz
  • Adelie Rose Landis
  • Stacy Lee-Williams
  • Mary Love
  • Austin Maclean
  • David Maksymetz
  • Jacke McCurdy
  • Barbara Melvin
  • Laura Mobley-Williams
  • Elizabeth Morano
  • Joy Morin
  • Jose F Munoz-Ortiz
  • Nancy Near
  • Susan O`Grady
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack
  • Jan Porterfield
  • Donna Quelch
  • Linda Ramsey
  • Billie Resnick
  • Courtney Ryan
  • Alexandra Schotanus
  • Connie Shipley
  • Sabrina Slade
  • Susan Sorlien
  • Sue Stewart
  • Dewey and Brenda Tate
  • Rachel Toomey
  • Robert Unetich
  • Vicki Voss
  • Michelle Whitlock
  • William Young

Thank you to our 2015 Donor Advised Fund and Foundation Donors

Community Foundation of Collier County
Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc.
St. Doris Foundation
The Corbin Family Charitable Trust
Sharp Family Foundation
WGCU Public Media


Thank you to our 2015 Corporate and Organization Supporters


  • Bank United
  • BNY Mellon Wealth Management
  • Comerica Bank
  • DAR – Caloosahatchee Chapter
  • Eileen Fisher, Inc.
  • Estero Encore Club
  • Florida Community Bank
  • Florida Power & Light Corporate
  • GCG Construction, Inc.
  • Lutheran Services
  • Florida Marsh Private Client Service
  • Naples United Church of Christ
  • Board of Mission and Outreach
  • Endowment Committee
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Presbyterian Women 
  • Pure Insurance 
  • Quarles & Brady LLP 
  • State Attorney 20th Circuit
  • Whiskey Creek Ladies Club
  • Wings of Shelter International