Dayhanna Acosta

Marketing and Outreach

“ I believe the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida is unique in its approach to philanthropy. Many organizations provide much needed immediate relief for people in need but the Women’s Foundation provides long-term solutions to boost the economic power of local women. I take great pride in knowing I am involved with an organization that is giving women and girls the tools they need to thrive”.

Dayhanna is the owner and CEO of Create SFN Inc, a marketing and media strategy consulting company. She likes to think of her title as an acronym for Chief Education Officer because her role is to coach and educate other business owners on how to develop their brand and voice to reach their target audience. Dayhanna has over 8 years of experience in the marketing field. She graduated summa cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelors in Science degree.

Dayhanna enjoys traveling and learning new languages. She speaks Spanish and French and is currently studying Hungarian and Portuguese.

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