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The 2017 Matching Grants Fund Raising Period is Closed

Empowering Young Girls With Their Mother’s Encouragement 

New Horizons’ mission is to empower at-risk youth to reach their full potential through tutoring, mentoring and faith-building.  We offer a range of after school and summer programs for students in grades K-12th.  Programs are offered at seven locations from East Naples to S. Ft. Myers.

One of the programs is especially designed for at-risk girls in grades 4-5th, Super Girls Club.  With this funding, the program will include their mothers in the learning experience.  The dearest role model for young girls is their mother.  For at-risk girls, whose mothers are uneducated and illiterate, their role model is isolated and lacks a world view to fill their daughters with all the possibilities that lie before them.  At-risk girls need the self-esteem and self-confidence to succeed in school and seek out a career to challenge and fulfill them.  These at-risk girls have the potential to become young women of the next generation whose sights are set on obtaining a college education, becoming home owners and knowing economic security. The proposed program not only builds the self-confidence and self-esteem of at-risk girls, it also encourages their mothers through shared experiences, lessons and discussions.  Through this sharing, the mother comes to understand the opportunities available to her daughter and can encourage her to pursue a career and become an independent woman.

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