Viyolaine Massillon - Southwest Florida Women's Foundation

Viyolaine Massillon

“Earn to Learn FL™ has motivated me to be more organized and better manage my responsibilities. Because of this program, I am going after my goals and will not let anything stop me!”

Viyolaine is 20 years old and is the primary earner for her household of four, while also trying to pay for her education. This is difficult on its own, but after Hurricane Irma hit, it got even harder. She lost her primary mode of transportation, and when her mom got sick, Viyolaine was also her primary caregiver.

She says that “especially in those hard times, it was difficult to manage work and school.” The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation and the United Way of Collier County were able to connect Viyolaine with emergency rent assistance following the hurricane, which was essential until she was able to get back to work. With Earn to Learn FL™ and her perseverance behind her, she will complete her degree so she can provide for her family, help the sick, and accomplish her goals.