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Charlotte County Habitat 2017 Homeowner

Summer is a 37-year-old single mom, who has overcome drug addiction and abuse.  She worked very hard to change her life for the better for herself and her two teenage daughters, Hailey and Piper.

In an effort to overcome her drug addiction and get out of an abusive relationship, Summer literally left with her girls and the clothes on their backs.  They moved in with her parents in a different county where she didn’t know anyone.  Summer went to rehab and completed a program.  She did this all on her own because she wanted to get clean and have a better life for herself and her daughters.

In 2014 Summer was hired by Winn Dixie where she excelled and moved up quickly.  She saved enough money to get her own place.  It was not the greatest, but she could afford the rent without help from the father of her children.

When Summer applied for the Habitat Homeowner Program, her goal was to create a secure future for herself and her daughters.  After being approved for the Program at the end of September 2016, she worked hard and completed over 200 sweat equity hours.

Summer was told on 11/9/2016 that her future home would be Charlotte County Habitat’s 2017 Apostles Build project.  She was very excited about the news and spent time at the build site on Saturdays to meet and thank the participating church volunteers.  Summer closed on the purchase of her Habitat home on March 20, 2017.

The first night in their new home was exhilarating with the smell of fresh paint and new carpet; everything was shiny and new.  They had one bed set up in Hailey’s room.  Even though Piper did not have her bed together, she wanted to sleep in her own room even if it was on the floor! Summer laughed and then said, “The biggest thing for us was deciding who was going to take a shower first in our new home.  The water coming out of the faucets in our rental trailer always came out brown!”  We are proud of Summer and the accomplishments she has made working through our program and becoming a Habitat homeowner.

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