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“I hate networking! How can I find my customers and clients?”

"I Hate Networking! How Can I Find My Customers and Clients?



What happens when you hear the word networking? If you're struggling with networking and finding the right customers and clients this episode is for you! Use these three strategies to get over your networking fears!

  1. Stop networking and start building relationships -  Building relationships occurs naturally,  how do you build relationships? The same can work for your business. To find your ideal client and customer stop focusing on networking and start working on building relationships in the way that you build relationships naturally.
  2. Stop stressing about networking and start solving problems -  Only go to places where you can solve a problem.
  3. Stop selling and start serving -  Focus on the solutions you bring to your clients and customers instead.

The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation Receives $3,000 Human Rights Grant

The Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation Receives $3,000 Human Rights Grant

We’d like to thank EILEEN FISHER for supporting our work and mission with a $3,000 Human Rights Grant!
EILEEN FISHER is a US-based women’s clothing company with strong values around human rights, environmental sustainability, and support of women and girls.

“We are committed to programs that educate, boost security and entrepreneurship, and advocate from a woman’s perspective.  We are especially grateful that EILEEN FISHER has recognized our efforts to stop the sale of children for sex and other forms of human trafficking in Southwest Florida and beyond,” says Brenda Tate, CEO of the Southwest Florida Women’s Foundation.

We’re hosting two events in February 2018 to train law, order and human trafficking victim support professionals and a community outreach to inform community leaders about human trafficking. For more information about the events, please contact Charlotte Newell at


How can I start a business when there’s so much competition?

How can i start a business when there's so much competition?


Have you been thinking about starting a business, but maybe you’re saying to yourself?

“There’s too much competition out there, I don’t know how I would measure up.”

Business Coach, Darcy Eikenberg will dispel the three most common myths stopping hopeful entrepreneurs from bringing their ideas to life.

  1. I shouldn’t start a business if there’s already competition – Competition is evidence that there are customers and clients for your business. For the work you want to do and the way, you want to serve. Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to be totally unique. Because that couldn’t be further from the truth
  2. I need to worry about my competition every single day or I need to do everything better than they do. Worry, fear and stress are not productive emotions. When you worry about your competition you’re not focused on what you can control which is YOU! And your decisions. Replace your worry with curiosity. Talk and engage with your competition, try to learn from their experience. You might have a revelation about the direction in which you want to take your business!
  3. Other people are my competition –Are the thoughts in your head getting in the way of you trying something new? Often, your biggest competition is YOU. Self-doubt and fear of reaching out and making an offer, or pricing your products and services in a way that reflects the true value of the problem is a bigger obstacle than your perceived competition. We can be the biggest roadblock to moving our business forward. To truly build a successful business, we must start believing in ourselves

How about you? How do you get past all the myths that are out there about competition? Let us know in the comments below


The Three Things That Get In The Way Of Starting, Growing and Succeeding In Business

the three things that get in the way of starting, growing and succeeding in business


Today we’ll discuss the three things that get in the way of starting, growing, and succeding, in business. Those three things are fear, worry, and stress. Below are some tips on how to manage these emotions.

  1. Know where the fear, worry, and stress are coming from
    That voice in your brain that manages your fears and anxieties is part of the ancient, evolutionary, defense mechanism. Your bran is simply trying to protect you and keep you comfortable. Don’t let the prehistoric part of your brain take control over you. Make sure that you are the one making informed decisions about your life
  2. Do your homework and get the facts
    So many times we get worried and afraid because we’re skipping ahead. Because we’re guessing “Well if I can’t get a customer then I’m never going to make money. If I don’t make money, then I can’t pay the rent. If I can’t pay the rent then I’m gonna be living in a box under a bridge”. We swirl ahead, but if we employ a strategy where we do the homework we can break that cycle. Don’t get blocked because you think you know the facts. Get the facts!
    Does your fear revolve around not having money to start a business?  Many people often talk themselves out of good ideas, good business ventures, and even good career choices because they’re guessing about their money.  Make a budget, write down on paper what it costs you to live, how much do you make, how much are your bills, how much do you have saved?  Write it down to have it in front of you so you can get the facts about your money.

3. Turn your fear into excitement (turn your fear into something positive instead of focusing on the negative)
When you feel the fear overwhelming you before an event, before a phone call, etc., take a deep breath and focus on the positive in the current situation to turn your fear into excitement. If you’re excited about what you do, that will help get over the stress and worry and your fear will turn into confidence. People can feel that!

Remember that every time you start something new or do something that is out of your normal everyday routine, you are going to experience some level of fear, worry, and stress. That is the ancient part of your brain trying to keep you safe to continue doing the things that you’re already comfortable doing.


Meet Suzi and Nick! How Matched Savings for Education Works for SWFL Families

Meet Suzi and Nick! How Matched Savings for Education Works for SWFL Families

Investment in educational attainment for women is a key workforce development strategy at the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida. We believe in a two-generation approach to improving the lives of women and girls in the Southwest Florida region. Two-generation approaches focus on creating opportunities for and addressing needs of children and their parents together.

Why a Two-Generation Approach?

One of our key initiatives, The Matched Savings for Education Program is a great example.This initiative offers ‘hard working, but falling short’ families the opportunity to save for education, participate in money management classes and receive individualized coaching. Matched Savings for Education participants save $500 and receive our match of $4,000 to use towards their education once they meet the program requirements. Successful savers and their families will benefit from higher wages through training and education, and if they have children, they benefit from a higher quality of childhood. Suzi and Nick are a great illustration of this approach.

Meet Suzi and Nick!

Suzi Loughren is a teacher and one of our Matched Savings for Education participants. She and Nick both completed our required money management course. Then Suzi opened her Matched Savings for Education account at Florida Community Bank where she met her $500 savings goal on March 14th, 2017. Those savings were matched with $4,000 by the Women’s Foundation, providing a total of $4,500 to help finance Nick’s education.

Nick’s biggest motivation to earn his college degree is to inspire and provide financial security for his family. He preaches the importance of education to his children and believes in leading by example. Nick has been working as a high school Head Baseball coach and will be pursuing a job as a medical scribe this summer. He is also obtaining shadow hours among various medical specialties.

His future goals include gaining acceptance into the Nova Southeastern Fort Myers Physician Assistant Program to complete his Master’s Degree as a Physician Assistant, followed by acceptance into the United States Navy as a Medical Officer; where he plans to proudly serve our great country as a Physician Assistant.

Would you help other Southwest Florida families secure a better future for their families? You have the power to help by making a donation today!

Note:  Our Matched Saving for Education Program is funded by federal grants, local philanthropists, bank community investments, corporate partners and United Way affiliates.

Two Generation Approach images and definitions are provided by Ascend at The Aspen Institute.