We Elevate Women and Girls by Investing in Programs that Educate, Boost Security and Entrepreneurship, and Advocate from a Woman’s Perspective.

Program Spotlights

ElevateHer SWFL

We can elevate 4th and 5th grade girls, like Maria and Evelyn, to learn to sew, cook, and learn crafts and life skills with caring mentors. This is an example of your donation of just $25 per month working to support matching grants to programs like New Horizon’s Super Girls Club… Read More

Kiva U.S. Micro-Loans

After 25 years of making money for others, Carleen became a business owner thanks to a Kiva U.S. Micro-Loan supported by the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida.  She turned a small profit and earned a small income in the first year. Thanks to a successful repayment of her first Kiva Loan… Read More

Matched Savings 

A hard working, but income challenged, woman like Biby can complete her education or training with your help. Did you know your $2,000 donation will pay the gap to cover tuition, fees, books and tools like a computer to assure Biby completes her program?
…Read More

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the darkest, most brutal and hidden crime taking place in Southwest Florida. Most are lulled by the myth that human trafficking happens only in faraway places. But the truth is sex and labor trafficking are flourishing nearby, The Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida 
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Latest News

Act Now: Human Trafficking Bill Needs Your Voice

Act Now: Human Trafficking Bill Needs Your Voice

Please consider contacting your State Representative and Senator in support of House Bill 665 and Senate Bill 286: Human Trafficking Education in Schools.
The bills would revise the required health education in public schools to include information regarding the dangers and signs of human trafficking; authorizing a student to opt out of a specified portion of the health education under certain circumstances.

Video Testimonial- Adele’s Story

Video Testimonial- Adele’s Story

When Adele's school suddenly closed, she almost gave up on her dreams of becoming a nurse. But thanks to our Matched Savings for Education program, she's on her way to making her dream come true!